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Company Vision

Ruvil Construction Management (Pty) Ltd has a vision to build a big platform of different construction entities that function as one group of companies. With many years of experience in the top management, we aim to develop smaller companies into self-sustaining companies.

What we offer :

Our Services

Move around rock and soil from on place to another, clear construction sites, do bulk excavation, backfills, remove unwanted material, and more.

Dig trenches and install underground water main lines, sewer main lines and storm water pipes to manage water, waste water as well as storm water.

Prepare surface beds for roads, compacting, levelling and smoothing the surface. Also attend to back filling, retaining walls, kerbing, paving, etc.

Have expertise in concrete works such as weighbridge and raft foundations, concrete floors as well as retaining walls, concrete channels, etc.

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