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We mainly focus on Civil Engineering, contracting a wide range of expertise though our enterprise development program

Our Profile

Embracing the needs of a changing industry by being committed to continuous review and improvement of its operations within a culture of client focus, quality assurance, information technology, human resource development and environmental responsibility.

Ruvil Construction Management (Pty) Ltd has a vision to build a big platform of different construction entities that function as one group of companies. With many years of experience in the top management, we aim to develop smaller companies into self-sustaining companies.

Business Approach
Our business is maintained by a centralised quality system that supports every aspect of its operations by strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations.


Health, Safety & Environment

Our HSE policy revolves around a zero-tolerance of harm towards people, communities and the environment. We consistently and without compromise enforce a standard approach to HSE. Employees undergo occupational health screening and medicals throughout the year, ensuring that employees are fit for work in their specific environment. We also ensure that our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is up to the required specifications at all times.

environmental impact

From the outset, we insisted that there should be a continual awareness of the environment in all the work the Company performs. Whilst appreciating that there will always be some environmental sacrifices in the cause of development and progress, Ruvil Construction Management (Pty) Ltd ensures that at all times there is as minimal an impact on the environment as possible on every site we work.

Our Core Values

Wherever we operate, Ruvil Construction Management strives to live by its core values:

For us integrity and honesty go hand in hand and should never to be compromised. These values are simply not negotiable.

Hard work and individual productivity is very important to us.

We believe in service to the customer above all else.

Stretching and setting aggressive goals and rewarding progress, yet understanding accountability and commitment.

The main reason for the existence of Ruvil Construction Management is to assist in the development of small companies into self-sustaining enterprises, no matter which group they represent. We encourage companies to transform their company structures in order to adhere to the country’s laws on transformation.

We believe in being open to ideas and being committed to solve problems.

Fanatical attention to consistency and detail.

We believe that we have a responsibility to cultivate the best relationships where possible with our co-workers, clients, suppliers and our community.

Our project Partners & clients

Among our clients are large property developers, property management companies, construction companies, residential real estate developers as well as a leading weighbridge scale company.

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